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Dr. Eric Levesque

Hi! my name is Eric Levesque. I am originally from Quebec Canada. I completed my Chiropractic education in California. I graduated from the "Southern California University of health Sciences" in 1990 and I have been in practice since then. Initially I moved back to my home town "Baie-Comeau" in Quebec Canada where I practiced for my first ten years. My strong desire for growth and improving the quality of care delivered to my patients made me pack my bags and move to Colorado. There for the next nine years I was part of a very dynamic team consisting of Chiropractors and Medical doctors specializing in pain management. 

As a team we focused on the treatment of chronic soft tissue injuries, myofascial pain syndrome and trigger point therapy.  My approach in treating these kinds of conditions completely change from that point on. Keeping in mind that the soft tissue and muscles have an extremely important role in the way these conditions behave and present themselves. By addressing the soft tissue component with myofascial release techniques combined simultaneously with Chiropractic adjustments the results were incredible. We could now permanently reverse these conditions in a faster and more efficient way. Visit the link on the home page on chronic myofascial pain syndrome to learn more. Your health is by far the most valuable asset each of us will ever be given in this life time and only you can make the decision to take action and invest in your health.

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